America asks China and India to discuss border line


Washington, July 21: America has said it wants India and China to engage in a direct dialogue to reduce tensions amid a dragging stand-off on the border between the two armies.

“They (India and China) are talking those issues. They’re going to talk to one another. We would encourage them to direct … engage in a direct dialogue aimed at reducing tensions,” said US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert on Thursday.

The borders of India, Bhutan and China meet at Doklam, which holds strategic importance to all three. China calls Doklam its own but India and Bhutan call it Bhutanese territory.

India stopped the Chinese Army from building a road in Doklam in June, leading to the face-off between New Delhi and Beijing.

The US spokeswoman said Washington was keeping a close watch on the situation at the Bhutan-China border. “This is a situation that we are following closely and carefully.”